War in Syria

On the radio this morning, the newscaster said, “Britain had joined with its allies in a joint bombing attack in retallition against a SUSPECTED chemical attack.”

Excuse me – SUSPECTED? Really? We are now going to war, killing people and destroying property on the basis of a suspicion? Throughout history, people have been suspected of many things which later proved to have no basis in reality. A criminal can be held on suspicion, but he must be released if no evidence comes forward to support the suspicion.

All of our recent wars, and probably many others, were started by politicians who were flagging in the polls and needed a boost. “I know, let’s go kill a few people!” seems to be the cry.

Maggie started the Falklands War on this basis. Tony Blair took us into the Gulf War. And now, Theresa needs a boost so we attack Syria.

A few months back, Theresa openly stated on TV that the nurses couldn’t be given a rise because there wasn’t a magic money tree to get the money for this. Now, without a moment’s hesitation, the magic money tree seems to have turned up and we have jets bombing Syria with all the ancillarty support these items need. I wonder what all this will cost?

And what if the suspicion eventually falls flat – as did Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction?


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