Early Cancellation Charges

I am sick to death of businesses who charge early cancellation fees. By what right do they feel entitled to charge for services they have not supplied over a time period that hasn’t happened yet?

I know, it’s easy to say they’ve set up your services and it’s your decision to cancel, but if I walk out of Tesco without purchasing anything, they don’t try to charge me for what I would usually have bought. There is no contract between us, yet I go back faithfully, week after week.

This is another symptom of ‘business/companies are far more important than people’, and it’s insidious and it’s time it was abolished. People are far more important than any impersonal company, yet we have virtually no rights or recourse against their highway-robbery charges.

Yes, they will say I signed the contract with my eyes open, but why does there have to be a contract? This is a recent development designed to protect the companies from rampaging customers. Yet, who protects the customers from rampaging companies.

I have just cancelled my telephone/broadband supply from a very well-known, national supplier. I have utilised their service for over 16 months and they have had 16 monthly, regular payments from me. Both sides have had a reliable relationship. Now I want to leave and they switch into gear and tell me I have to pay £332 in early cancellation charges. Apparently, this is because a slight change in my services resulted in a new contract with another 18 month term and I now have to pay them the outstanding 12 months contract. What are they going to do with this money they’ve got for doing nothing? Conversely, I will have to go without some things in order to pay this unwarranted ransom by paying for something I haven’t had.

So why do we have these early cancellation charges. Well, they will tell you they geared up to provide my service and now I am leaving them in the lurch. Really? Will they really suffer when I deprive them of something they haven’t had to supply. Tesco/Sainsbury/Aldi/Lidl all gear up, week after week, to put the provisions I usually choose, on their shelves. If I decide not to do any shopping one week, they don’t say, “Oi, what’s the game? We’ve got your supplies here?” – they just get on with it. I am no worse off and neither are they.

Again, they will tell you that this is all perfectly legal. Well, I’m afraid just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right …

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