Political Correctness

Many people see Political Correctness as a form of diplomacy, ironing out the wrinkles and plastering over the cracks in modern society.  I see it as a cancer eating away at the insides of society.

Take racism. For years we called our immigrants, blackies, darkies, or, even worse, the ‘N’ word. We spent years learning to call these people, ‘coloureds’ and society breathed a sigh of relief. Then, someone decided this was unacceptable, and racist, and we had to go back to calling them ‘blacks’.

But let’s take the biggie – Xmas. For many, many donkey’s year, we have greeted each other with the phrase “Merry Xmas,” and everyone felt great. But then, someone decided that this might upset people of different cultures, so this phrase ‘Happy Holidays’ came into being.¬† Now I know this is basically a Christian festival (actually, it isn’t, it’s origins are Pagan but that’s another¬† discussion) but I’m not Christian – despite being white, caucasian – and expect people to say “Merry Xmas” at Xmas Time. I know many muslims who are not the least bit offended by the phrase “Merry Xmas” even when someone says it to them – as I do. They couldn’t give a mouse’s fart in a hurricane but the do-gooders believe they do.

And the lunacy goes on. You can’t call the leader of a meeting ‘Chairman’ now – because it might not be a man. Instead, it is now referred to as ‘Chairperson’.

We can’t have ‘brainstorming’ sessions because this might upset epileptics, now we call them ‘thought showers’.

In some places, ‘Easter Eggs’ are now referred to as ‘Spring Spheres’.

In some places, coffee cups are labelled with the warning “Contents may be hot” – I mean, come on, if they ain’t hot, I want my money back.

Or the packets of nuts, with the label – “Warning, this item may contain nuts” – ??????

There was a tv channel announcement that said “The following film may contain scenes that some people may find upsetting” – think about that. “It may contain scenes” – either it does or it doesn’t. You could interpret that phrase to mean “It doesn’t contain any scenes that would upset anyone.” – great film. Conversely, you could just as easily interpret this to mean, “It does contain scenes that will upset everyone.” If they’d just said “This film contains scenes that may upset some people,” then they’d got it – and I believe this is the disclaimer now in use. Took a while, though.

I think the madness reached its peak when a job advertiser was told they couldn’t advertise for ‘reliable and hard-working people’ because this might be offensive to unreliable and lazy people.

So, the do-gooders, whose original intention had been to ease discomfort for people, have failed dismally, and left them as the laughing stock of the politically correct world – and rightly so.

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