Did Hitler Escape Berlin?

Recently, I’ve been watching the TV series, ‘Hunting Hitler’ which depicted a team of highly-skilled professionals checking out numerous possible escape routes for Hitler, and possible destinations.

However, the whole premise of this series is that Hitler needed to escape from Berlin right at the end of the war, just before the Russians took Berlin. But what if Hitler escaped long before then?

The Yalta Conference, in Feb 1945, was a meeting between Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin to carve up Europe between them. It was glaringly obvious, even then, that Germany had lost the war, and all that remained was the mopping up. Misguided though he was was, Hitler was not stupid, and it must have been equally clear to him, at that point, that he had lost.

The Germans had repeatedly shown that, not only were they superb scientists, but they were also superb planners. Many escape routes must have been evaluated, and the best possible one selected. Equally, why would they allow the Fuhrer to stay in harm’s way a moment longer than necessary. It is my surmise that Hitler left Berlin in early 1945, when there would be the least danger in his escape route(s). Not wanting to make his escape obvious, he issued an edict that all Berliners must fight to the death and not leave anything of value for the allies. This ensured a valuable smokescreen to cover his escape. Further, his and Eva’s body doubles had been instructed to stay in the bunker and make as few public appearances as possible. At the last moment, the loyal guard killed them both and burned their bodies, as we have seen, but, by this time, Hitler was well settled in his new abode with an established network around him.

Or, he really was stupid enough to stay in his bunker till the Russians were knocking on his door, and escaped was impossible, and then blow his brains out. I don’t think so …

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