Manners – Or The Lack Of Them

I was a day late with that last post so I’ll have to do another one today – ain’t you lucky? I think I’ll tell you about our Aquarobics class at the gym. We’ve all been going to this class for over 18 months and we’ve all become good friends – or most of us have. There are one or two who are totally ignorant and I really don’t understand it. There’s one woman who will approach two people who are talking and push her way between them without even a by-your-leave. Why would anyone behave in such an ignorant manner? It’s not as though the pool was full – plenty of room on either side of the conversing couple but, no, she has to go through the middle. Another one will decide that you’re stood in her spot and she’ll nudge you out of the way. Again, there is space either side or in front or behind but she has to have this spot.

It seems that manners, theseĀ  days, are the stuff of myth and legend …

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