Time To Get Myself In Gear

Right, I’ve dithered over this for far too long and it stops here – (yeah rite)

But seriously, folks, I’ve decided that I must blog something everyday and the more I blog the bloggier it will get. There will be some rubbish in there – there’ll be loads of rubbish, truth be known – but along the way you could find a gem that really interests you. In that case, let me know cos it might interest me as well.

So, what can we look forward to? Views, insights, daily happenings, amusing incidents, simple musings, grouches and rants, observations, – you know, all the sorts of things that flit through our minds but nobody writes them down.

For instance, we are trying to prepare a small panto for next christmas at our local gym. There will be a small robot, a la R2D2, and we wanted to find a way of generating some R2D2 sounds at very little expense. I was searching on ebay and saw an advert showing a few of those sliding bird whistles – those old enough will remember the BBC TV Series ‘The Clangers’. Anyway, there were no bids on it, so I put in the opening bid of £2.20.

A few days later, having completely forgotten about it, an email arrived saying that my bid had won. Yippee. So i paid for the item and waited and, after a few days, the package arrived. OMG – inside there were 12 sliding bird whistles, and 6 duck quackers – and all for less than £5 including postage.

I’m sure there will be much hilarity among the cast when we try these out but, after that, what does one do with 18 assorted sliding bird whistles and duck quackers? Answers (clean, please) on a postcard, and addressed to the local dead-letter office.

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One Response to Time To Get Myself In Gear

  1. Lynn says:

    I’ll blow a whistle!xx

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