UFOs – Conspiracy to Deceive

Ever since the UFO phenomenon first started, the Official standpoint has been to discredit any and every sighting. The explanations ranged from plain ridicule, the planet Venus, weather balloons, ball lightning, badly observed natural phenomena, genuine but misguided people and, of course, outright fakery. Now, while I don’t doubt that everyone of these explanations has been correct at some time or other, they weren’t all correct, all the time.

Now, however, the tables have turned and we have a glut of experts and officials leaping out of the woodwork to confirm that various and assorted races of aliens have been visiting this planet for hundreds if not thousands of years, and they confirm that a great many sightings are actually genuine.

So what are we to make of it all? Well, personally, I didn’t believe them back then and I’m not inclined to believe them now. Officials and experts never make any statements that don’t conform to someone else’s agenda so the new disclosure practices must also conform to a hidden agenda and that equates to the desire for either profit or control.

The only thing we can say, with any degree of certainty, is that we are still drowning under a tide of disinformation.



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