A Long Time Off …

I haven’t visited this blog for a while – life seemed to take over and keep me otherwise occupied. I know that’s no excuse but it is a reason.

I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer – thankfully they think they’ve caught it in time and I’m responding well to treatment.

I have co-produced a small pantomime for our local gym and that has occupied me from March until just now – the beginning of December.

I have had numerous ups and downs with getting the Chiron Healing Group organised – which it still isn’t.

And there has been a rogue plugin that was refusing to let me to log in – that took weeks and weeks to remedy and I’ve only just got back in.

So now maybe I’ll be able to get things moving as I originally planned – not forgetting my pathological laziness which often gets in the way.

This website has been active for over 3 years and, in all that time, it acquired ZERO users. I was beginning to think it was just my own personal ego trip. However, in the last two weeks it has acquired sixteen new users and I am a little puzzled why so many have appeared in such a short time, particularly with no activity whatsoever. Perhaps you would all care to¬† post a little note saying how and why you came to register. It’s not compulsory, just my own curiosity – plus you give me the impetus to get moving again.

Watch this space …

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