Conspiracy Theories

For a very long time, anyone who even mentioned ‘conspiracy theories’ was regarded as a slightly eccentric, partially paranoid, misguided idiot. However, that is now changing.¬† Facts are emerging that are hard to refute and people are waking up from their enforced lethargy. We used to live in a trusting world, where governments only acted in our best interests and wouldn’t lie to us. Big business was highly ethical and wouldn’t do anything that was outside the public interest. Now we’ve learned how naive that view is and we are collectively waking up. Granted there are still the fringe nutters who will claim conspiracy for the least thing but generally the fog is clearing. Take the following examples –

The Rothschild Family – this family owns every Central Reserve Bank in the world – and the ones they don’t own are where the unrest and warfare is currently being waged. Coincidence?

Cures for Cancer – there are numerous cures for cancer which are not pursued because there is no profit in it. Big Pharma is not in the business of finding cures. They are in the business of making profits so when a patient is cured they lose income but an ill patient needs to keep coming back for medication and income is assured.

Arming the Terrorists Рwhere do you think terrorists get their arms and ammunition from? Of course, the same companies that arm and supply our military. Arms companies need to sell arms to make money and they love to make money. So they  supply arms to both sides and rake in the profits.

There are an ever-increasing number of conspiracies and they all hinge on two basic areas – profit and control. In these pages I will be trying to highlight the foremost conspiracies which have undoubtedly been highlighted many times in the past – but in this new age of enlightenment we may get a clearer view.




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