OOPARTS are articles of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest which are found in an unusual context. They usually challenge widely held views and beliefs on historical chronology by being too advanced for the period found in. Either the level of civilisation at that time did not possess the technology to produce such an item, or it shows ‘human presence’ at a time before humans were known to exist.

Conventional science usually claims that these objects are badly understood or badly explained artifacts that ultimately have a completely rational, mundane explanation or are hoaxes. Paranormal, supernatural, ancient astronaut, and conspiracy theorists claim that conventional science is far too blinkered and sticks religiously to the script it has been told to follow.

In either scenario, the stance you adopt often precludes any other avenue of investigation – if you choose the supernatural explanation then any attempt at the mundane is ignored or ridiculed. Conversely, if you lean toward the supernatural then mundance explanations tend to be ignored or ridiculed.

The Earth is old enough to have had numerous advanced, technological civilisations come and go and leave little or no trace of their passing. We have seen in numerous documentaries how quickly nature can take over and remove Man’s presence, yet we still assume we are the first – no one could possibly have been more advanced than we are. Erich Von Daniken once said that if an artefact comes along that doesn’t fit into the current scientific ethos then it is either ignored or the scientific community will chip and polish it until it does fit – and OOPARTS are a classic example of this. Some cannot be explained at all and are largely ignored (Piri Reis Maps) while others are more readily explained.

In these pages, I shall try to be as objective as I can. I will present as much evidence as I can find for both arguments and leave you to form your own conclusions. I confess to being an adherent of some of the more fringe explanations (such as ancient aliens and/or civilisations) but I will try not to let that colour the evidence.

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