Ancient Aliens

I first came across the Ancient Aliens Theory in 1968 when Erich Von Daniken released his ‘Chariots Of The Gods’ and I was blown away by it. The book resonated with me on so many levels and I eagerly soaked up the scant excerpts as they appeared in the papers and couldn’t wait until the book finally hit the shelves and I could read it all.

I was young back then and had only just left my teenage years behind but even so, 40 years later, the book and the whole premise still hold me spellbound. They have been the inspiration for my own ‘Errthe’ books, which are a comedy sci-fi take on the same idea. Do please purchase them in vast numbers and make me outrageously wealthy.

There have been a great many proponents of this idea in the ensuing years and they all have the same basic premise – at some time in the distant past, a bunch of aliens arrived here and guided, educated, speeded up the evolution of the hominids currently here and later became their gods. There are a great many artefacts, treasures, buildings, etc., that are attributed to the aliens and we shall be exploring a lot of them here.

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